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Ask me anything   ADHD coaching allows students to reach their full academic, professional and social potential. If you have ADHD the Edge Foundation can support you with a personal coach.Edge Foundation helps students with ADHD reach their academic, professional, and social potential.



Don’t wait for fall, get started now

Don’t wait for fall, get started now

Get Help Now Curious if it’s time to get an ADHD coach? Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Step 1:Learn about ADHD coaching

Start by getting your questions about coaching answered.  Call 1-888-718-8886 or complete the form at the right. Our Coach Match Coordinator will get in touch to answer all of your questions. Step 2:Get your student involved

Your child will be the one setting the agenda…

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Talk to Your Parents About ADHD Coaching

Talk to Your Parents About ADHD Coaching

OK, so you’ve read about what an Edge ADHD Coach can do for you and you want to get one. You are tired of the hassles and ready to work on new strategies to be more successful in school and socially and in life. What do you tell your parents so they’ll say yes to the cost?  Tell them…

  • You’re ready. That you’ll work hard and this won’t be a waste of anyone’s time or money. You can show them the…

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Talk to Your Parents About ADHD Coaching | Edge Coaching →
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What do you think about this?

What do you think about this?

Graduate school is expensive, effortful, and time consuming. Can you believe we are in the 21st century and the administrators of the LSAT required (disabled) ADHD students to sacrifice significant time and money for the chance to get test accommodations, only to have the results flagged for non-standard test conditions. Do you think this opens the door to discrimination?


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Did you know there are ADHD friendly colleges?

Did you know there are ADHD friendly colleges?

ADHD Friendly Colleges Sink or Swim?

Congratulations on having a student who is ready for college! You are one of the lucky few – only 22% of high school students with ADHD go on to attend college. For most parents of students with ADHD it’s been a long journey getting here and you probably don’t feel out of the woods yet.

  • Are you looking for a supportive college environment for a student with…

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